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dr shalev and dr morris

Daniel Shalev D.D.S. & Jason Morris D.D.S.


“I gotta say, Dr. Shalev is the best dentist in the world! I’m so glad I was referred to him. I was in pain for days & found out I needed a root canal.

I hate going to the dentist in the first place because it is never pain free. Needless to say, I was very nervous & worried about how much more pain I’d be in during & after the procedure. But to my surprise, my root canal was done quickly & painlessly!

I would highly recommend Dr. Shalev & his helpful & kind staff for any dental needs! They’re the best!!!”
Tami P.

“This is for Dr Jason Morris, who is an endodontist in Shalev’s clinic. I’m terrified of dentists and have had negative experiences with several. I’ve had root canals — one not so bad, one not so good, and one that was full on brutal. I had to have another root canal and after having been recommended by a dental tech, went to Dr Jason Morris in Henderson.

He has a kind and comforting manner (which in itself is a big plus), and he did a root canal that was pain free, as in, completely and totally pain free. And for me, that’s a particularly big deal because I have heart issues and cannot have epinephrine, which means that regular novacaine, with it’s long-lasting-hyper- numbing properties is out.

Dr Morris used carbocaine, and even with it’s both lesser numbing ability and not being terribly long lasting, the root canal was neither scary nor painful — I felt nothing that hurt, and none of that horrible sensation when they hit a nerve. NONE.

I cannot recommend Dr Jason Morris highly enough — he’s FABULOUS.”
Gabey R.

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